Results 2023-24

AV deeply respects the power of sound education. It is imbibed with the spirit of academia and regards acquisition of knowledge as one of the noblest pursuits. Knowledge can change the world and the institution attempts to endow every student with a comprehensive education, necessary for not only surviving, but thriving in the world. AV has witnessed its fair share of brilliant academicians, whose intellect, hard work and dedication has made this institution proud. Needless to speak, students have proudly stood on the victory stand many a times owing to their undeterred and relentless training program in the school.

  • ICSE topper

    Harshita Dinesh Munot

  • ISC Science topper

    Varij Acharya

  • ISC Commerce topper

    Heer Anish Shethia

  • 100% students passed in ICSE and ISC
  • 45% students scored above 90% in ICSE
  • 26.2% students scored between 80%-90% in ICSE
  • 29.4% students scored above 90% in ISC
  • 38.23% students scored between 80%-90% in ISC
Congratulations On Scoring Cent Percent In ISC Examination
Biology Varij Acharya
Art Yatisha Ulkesh Desai
Commerce Heer Anish Shethia
Business Studies Heer Anish Shethia
Congratulations On Scoring Cent Percent In ICSE Examination
History Civics Mahi Anand Shah
Vidhi Jignesh Lad
Aadit Bhavesh Chheda
Dhruvi Vishal Bargaje
Fable Onish Mistry
Harshita Dinesh Munot
Mathematics Diva Himanshu Dhol
Chemistry Vishwa Nileshbhai Patel
Fable Onish Mistry
Parekh Devam Prashant
Vidhi Jignesh Lad
Biology Vishwa Nileshbhai Patel
Vidhi Jignesh Lad
Ridhima Kunal Kamle
Commercial Applications Mahi Anand Shah
Computer Applications Jaydatt Kirtankumar Patel
Music Vishwa Nileshbhai Patel
Physical Education Meet Manoj Jain
Aadit Bhavesh Chheda
Aanshi Amit Desai
Harnesh Malay Shah
Dhairya Manishbhai Sinojia
Hitarth Dipesh Gheewala
Pratham Jignesh Patel